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Fall Fashion for Bond Falls Scenic Site Michigan

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

I love fall - it’s my favorite season!

It’s my favorite even more now that I live in Northern Wisconsin and get to experience the foliage. It’s ridiculously pretty!

My co-workers and I drove up north to Michigan today to experience the foliage at Bond Falls - a scenic site with waterfalls.

It was cold out and snowing, so I dressed warm but cute; fall cute for cute fall pictures.

I wore a thick, brown zip-up coat, soft, tan sweater, and medium-dark jeans, which I bought from Goodwill.

The total outfit cost me less than $30. The jacket alone would regularly cost around $40 at retail price. Such a good steal!

The outfit looked great in pictures in front of the trees and water. I felt good, and was happy to spend time with friends at Bond Falls

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