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Farmers' Market Buzz: Madison's Saturday on the Square

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

The weather was humid. I was dripping in sweat. And I didn't end up leaving with the Keto bagels I wanted.

But I'm glad I went.

The Dane County Farmers' Market, also known as Saturday on the Square, is a popular farmers' market that's held every Saturday along Wisconsin's State Capitol.

I've never seen my State's Capital in person before so the experience was really neat.

Vendors encircle the entire block that the capitol sits on in Downtown Madison.

People walk along the square to shop, eat, and play.

A market of its size had a large variety of items to be sold.

There must have been more than 100 vendors selling produce, meat, bread, honey, syrup, popcorn, snacks, and more.

Everything seemed to be fairly priced.

Kale bunches were $1 - $3.

Cases of zucchini were $3 - $4.

Bouquets of flowers were $5 - $10.

And of course, since everything came from local farmers, items were fresh and sold in large quantities.

I was surprised to see how samples were given out so graciously for people to try before they buy.

I ended up leaving with two bags of gourmet popcorn, giant beefsteak tomatoes, sirloin steak, broccoli, lettuce, a batch of kale and bouquet of flowers.

If you love farmers markets and you're going to visit Madison soon, stop by the market and pick up some things that showcase the great tastes of Wisconsin!

Madison Farmers' Market

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