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Ktchn Apothecary: Revitalizing Facial Cream Review

Get yo' hydration on, hun!

A dry face is not my face when I throw on Ktchn Apothecary Revitalizing Facial Cream. I first fell in love with Ktchn when I found its Hydrating Facial Cleanser. Great make up remover, but I needed a bit for hydration after using it.

A sample of the revitalizing cream came with my cleanser purchase. After trying the sample, I had to buy because cleanser wasn't pumping enough water into my skin. The cream did the trick with its light weight, nourishing texture. Plus, I like how its made fresh with NATURAL ingredients.

The cleanser can be purchased in two ways:

1. Freshly made for you - your Revitalizing Facial Cream arrives freshly-made & ready to apply.

2. You Make Fresh at Home and make your Revitalizing Facial Cream fresh at home in just 10 minutes.

I chose the former because I wasn't trying to make a mess with it...knowing me I would fudge it up real quick!

Here's the key product breakdown

Jojoba Seed Extract Harvested from the deserts of North America, this powerful botanical extract is rich in Vitamin E known to restore elasticity, correcting fine lines & wrinkles.

Rosehip Flower Extract Obtained from the fruit of the rose bush, this Provitamin A rich extract is known to rejuvenate the skin, even complexion, & reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Vitamin C Extract An essential nutrient involved in tissue repair, Vitamin C is known to enhance collagen synthesis & visibly reduce the key signs of aging.

Bottom line...the revitalizing cream feels good on my skin and it does it's job - HYDRATE!

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