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Los Angeles: Jalapeño Pete's Taqueria and Bar Review

Updated: Aug 5, 2020


Gosh, I love a good margarita!

Have I told you guys that before?

I believe so, and I will say it again.


Jalapeño Pete's in Studio City has a scrumptious Mango Margarita on the rocks with a Tajin salted rim.

I flew into Los Angeles for a day, last week, and needed to find an outdoor seating spot to chill, relax, and eat for lunch.

My cousin Adam and his girlfriend were meeting me, so I wanted to find a place that would impress them with a wholesome experience - good food, drinks, and vibes.

There were plenty of good Yelp reviews for Jalapeño Pete's, and the pictures people posted sealed the deal.

Street Corn


Fortunately, the restaurant had tons of open seating when we arrived.

The outdoor tables were perfect for the era of social distancing, which sat along the sidewalk of Ventura Blvd. near Universal Studios Hollywood.

The servers were friendly, polite, attentive, and gave great recommendations when we couldn't decide on what to order.

We ended up with plates of ceviche, street corn, jalapeño peppers, empanadas, fish and shrimp tacos, and, of course, chips and salsa and guac!

Each dish had it's own unique sauce or flavoring that differentiated it from competitors.

Even the guac had a bit of a different spice added into the mix.

We had no complaints.

We just kept stuffing our faces and commenting on how good everything was.

But then there was the Sangria.

The Sangria made by the server was a bit bland.

I love Sangria and savor every sip.

But this batch didn't taste great...but then again; it was still Sangria, and it was still alcohol.

So bottoms up!



Aside from the food and drinks, I give the atmosphere two thumbs up.

The decor is bright and festive.

There are games of pool, uno, and big T.V.s.

The bathrooms were surprisingly lovely and clean.

We ended up staying for about 3 hours and left feeling satisfied, and glad we spent our money there.



Chips and Salsa $3

Guac de la Casa $8

Street Corn $8

Jalapeño Poppers $9

Ceviche $13

Grilled Ship Tacos $3

Pescado Tacos $3.50



4/5 stars.

I would have given it five stars if the server had allowed us to look at the menu before asking us if we wanted chips, salsa, and guac.

Obviously, guac is always extra...but I think patrons should know if there is a price for chips and salsa.

Also, patrons should know guac price before being asked to order.

I'm very picky here. The price was fine, and we would have gotten it anyways.

But the server made it an offer rather than a suggestion. That blurred the lines of what the bar was providing and what would be on our bill.

I see that as a sneaky sales trick.

Check out these videos I WISHED I could have seen before ordering:

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