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Making the Switch: All-Natural Handmade Soap

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

"You can change your life by changing your soap," said no one ever. Or so we may think.

A few weeks ago, I came a cross an all-natural soap vendor at a craft fair in Rhinelander.

It made me curious how its all-natural soap may work better or differently from other soaps found in stores.

So I asked.

The husband and wife duo didn't seem happy answering my question, which was strange.

Aren't business owners suppose to be fully educated about he benefits of their products?

Anyways...I told them I knew toxic-chemicals are in almost all soaps sold in stores. But if the duo's soaps don't have any of those chemicals in them, how do their soaps make us clean?

They somewhat explained, but I still didn't understand. And I still ended up buying one of their bars for $5. I would just figure it out on my own at home.

Once I did get home and showered later that day, I used their Peppermint-Rosemary-Eucalyptus-Tea Tree Soap. I was shocked. It felt so silky and smooth as I lathered it all over my body. I've never felt so good using any other soap.

It motivated me to do my research.

The bar contained four essential oils (listed in the name), vegetable oil, and sodium hydroxide.

The combined essential oils work to kill germs, fight disease, and overall benefit the body's immune system.

When mixed with water, sodium hydroxide produces lye.

When combined, the oils and lye are transformed into soap and glycerin (the natural skin moisturizer).

There is no lye remaining in the soap once the chemical reaction (called "saponification", meaning "the making of the soap") between the oils and lye is completed, resulting in a mild bar of soap.

Now that I had this information, why would I choose soaps that are not all-natural?

It doesn't make any sense to continue to buy commercially sold soap containing ingredients toxic to my body.

Even the soaps that are labeled as natural still contain harmful ingredients because of non-existent federal regulations on the "natural" label.

Many of the toxic ingredients in our soaps are associated with health risks such as:

- hormone disruption

- allergies & asthma

- skin irritation

- cancer

- and much more

Here's a list of chemicals you should stay away from when choosing a soap: https://www.forceofnatureclean.com/choosing-chemical-free-hand-soap/

#Takeaways: Changing your soap could change your life if you choose right. Stay away from the soaps that have ingredients associated to harmful health risks. It could potentially save your life.

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