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Review: Thieves Household and Veggie Cleaner

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

I went to a health expo last fall and met a woman named Jess who introduced me to essential oils.

She was selling the oils with a company called Young Living. I'd never heard of the company before meeting her.

But I was there on a story assignment and I was curious to know more about her company.

I took some time to listen to her and smell the different oils. I really liked how they smelled. I also liked how they were all natural from plant extractions.

I took a few oils home and kind of fell in love with them. I don't really use them much anymore, but what I do use all the time is Thieves.

Here's why.

After friending Jess on Facebook, I saw that she raved about the cleaning powers of Thieves. It took me a while to decide to purchase and try it out. I think it was this article that made me do it. But I'm glad I did.

The cleaners I normally would buy are ridden with harmful toxins and chemicals.

But Thieves is a blend of essentials oils that works to kill germs, bacteria, and fungi. It's all natural with zero harmful chemicals.

Now, I use Thieves to clean my kitchen, bathroom, and, even, veggies all the time. Thieves Fruit and Vegetable Soak cleans like a charm. I clean everything from apples, tomatoes, lettuce, to broccoli and more.

Just grab a bowl. Add water. Add half a cup of Thieves. Then soak fruits/veggies. Finally, rinse. You'll tell the difference immediately.

As for Thieves Household Cleaner...add water into a spray bottle. Then add a cap full of Thieves. I use it to clean my counters, stove top, sink, floors, bathroom and more.

It smells great when using it and it doesn't leave me inhaling nasty chemicals that could create long-term health risks.

There seems to be a lot of controversy over Young Living products and the claims the company makes about their oils.

All I can say make an educated opinion on what you believe is true after you do your own research about their products.

I'm not a distributor and will never be.

But I will be sticking with Thieves.

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