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Summertime Tanks: No Boundaries Rib Knit Cami

I've never been much of a spaghetti-strap-tank-top-type-of girl.

Yet, I always buy them to wear as under shirts or to have as "just in case" tees.

When I came across these No Boundaries ones at my local Walmart I was drawn to them instantly.

They were just too cute!

I loved how this basic wear had an extra touch to it with the ruched neckline.

Also, there were tons of colors to chose from including plain and mixed colors, which were designed for summertime.

The best part of all...they were just under $3 each!

The shirts were super flattering of my body when I tried them on...meaning they didn't expose my love handles.

Plus, they are really comfy and soft!

I ended up buying like 5 or 6 of them.

I say they are definite must buy the next time you head to your local Walmart.

Here is the online link for purchase.

Unfortunately, online doesn't have most of the cute colors that are sold in store.

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