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The Sunflower Festival at Helene's Hilltop Orchard

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Helen's Hilltop Orchard in Merrill, Wisconsin

Sunflowers for days. That's what Helene's Hilltop Orchard in Merrill, Wisconsin has in their family farm fields. And two days out of the year, people can go and pick them for $10; which gets donated to St. Judes Children's Hospital.

The Sunflower Festival was on Saturday, August 31, and Sunday, September 1 of this year. I went on Saturday with my co-workers Angela, Rose, and Stephen.

As always, it was Angela's idea for us to go and explore. She went to the festival last year and said it was cute and fun.

She was right.

As we arrived, we saw people lined up holding bouquets of sunflowers. Kids ran around the playground and jumped on a very large jump pad. The bakery was busy taking orders of apple pie, apple cider donuts, and monster cookies; which we respectively had to try first - YUM!

After eating our sweets, we did some wine tasting in the barn area. We sipped on berry-infused wines that were sweet and light, some dry. I grabbed a craft beer afterward because it was a mix of mango and habanero, a combo the Latina in me couldn't resist.

We came across huge pumpkins on our way to the sunflower fields. Not sure if people could take one, but they sure took sunflowers. There were thousands of them. Large, small, short, and tall flowers surrounded us for picture-perfect Instagram moments. I never knew I could have so much fun wandering around taking photos in a field of flowers. It was beautiful.

Although the Sunflower Festival lasted only two days. Helen's is open for families and friends to enjoy; including group tours, corn mazes, cow train rides, and much more. Here's the website if you want to plan a visit - http://www.heleneshilltoporchard.com/

Just don't forget to try the apple cider donuts. They the bomb.com!

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