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TacosWay in LA: The Novelty Taco Every Visitor Must-Try

TacosWay's GringaWay Taco

I lived, learned, and loved in Los Angeles for 11 years before moving to Northern, Wisconsin. The city raised me in the nightclub and celebrity party scenes of Hollywood. I don't miss the scenes much. But what I do miss about Los Angeles is the food.

I've been away from the city for two years and forgotten how fun and diverse the food is. I only remember now because I finally paid a visit earlier this week. I caught up with old friends and ate great food.

My first afternoon in town was Monday. Figuring out where to do lunch, one friend texted me, "Do you drink micheladas?" I said, "Yup. I am Mexican."

He sent me the address 7980 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046. "They have instagrammy micheladas," he texted.

TacosWay's TacosWay Tacos

I arrived early to TacosWay Mexican Restaurant, which sat on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and N. Laurel Ave. Everything looked so good on the menu. It had pictures of its most popular items, and I was so happy! Picture menus are, oh, so helpful.

There were a variety of tacos. One taco sat flat on a small tortilla like a tostada. Another had a second flat tortilla on top of the taco like a quesadilla. But neither a tostada or quesadilla. Just really bomb novelty tacos.

I ordered both tacos. GringaWay and TacosWay, respectively. And a MichesWay michelada with Modelo Especial. The miche sat in a cold glass with a salted Tajin, shrimp, and cucumber rim. It was lathered in chamoy, lime juice, and (I'm assuming) more Tajin. It was a Latin girl's heaven...all of it!

TacosWay's Michesway

Locals are lucky because they can visit TacosWay anytime it's open, and they are hungry. For visitors like me, it's now a must-visit anytime LALA land calls my name to return. I recommend paying a visit if you're an out-of-towner and are looking to grub on good (and fun) Mexican food and drinks.

I only took pictures of my michelada, so the above photos were screen-shotted from TacosWay Instagram.

Side note - The restaurant has been around for a few years now. I believe it started really gaining popularity around the time I was getting ready to leave Los Angeles in 2016 - 2017. Sad that I had no idea the place was so good or else I would have been eating there all the time while living in L.A.

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